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Kids Cell Phone Sim Card Plans. Safe and Dependable Wireless. SpeedTalk offers affordability and peace of mind with kid-friendly cellphone plans starting as low as just $5.00/mo. No more stress and no hassle. Age 10 and Under.

Choosing your child’s first cellphone plan doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive! If you are looking for a simple phone plan for kids for basic communication or emergency planning, try our $5 monthly plan, $7.50 monthly plan, or our $9 monthly plan to start with! With SpeedTalk, you can always change your plan at any time for no additional service fees. You will only need to pay for the new plan price adjustment!

Age 13 and Under (Preteens):
A cell phone plan for your tween should be practical and affordable. SpeedTalk’s reliable $9 monthly, $15 monthly, and $18 monthly wireless plans for kids are the perfect upgrade from our starter plans! With just enough data to keep your children connected with their friends, and unlimited SMS to keep connected with you!

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