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"Phone Plans"

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SpeedTalk Mobile Wireless Sim Card For Smart Phones

Get the same  mobile phone plan service at a fraction of the cost with no contract smartphone & cell phone plans on the nations fastest 5G/4G LTE network for hundreds per year in savings on your wireless plan.


The standard unlimited data plan includes high-speed data up to a certain data cap then you will experience reduced speeds at times of network congestion. Usually this high-speed data cap is different from one plan to another.

UNLIMITED DOES NOT MEAN UNREASONABLE USE. UNLIMITED Data services are provided solely for personal, non-commercial access to the Internet for purposes of web browsing, messaging, and similar data activities as your authorized device’s native applications and capabilities permit. To ensure that all customers have access to reliable services provided at a reasonable cost, you may not use our service in a manner that interferes with another SpeedTalk Mobile™ customer’s use of our service or that disproportionately impacts SpeedTalk Mobile™ network or resources. SpeedTalk Mobile™ reserves the right, without notice or limitation, to place you on a different service plan with no unlimited usage components, to limit data throughput speeds or quantities, or to deny, terminate, end, modify, disconnect or suspend your service, or decline to renew your service,

With your 5GB of data, you’ll be able to browse the internet for approximately 60 hours per month, to stream some songs online or to watch online video in standard definition

Yes, its recommended to use Wi-Fi to make sure you have more than enough data when you are off Wi-Fi

You might need to refill your account with new plan to start fresh with new data caps.

How much data you use. The average smartphone owner uses 2GB to 5GB of data each month. To know whether your usage falls above or below that threshold, look no further than your own phone. Most phones track overall data usage

Streaming HD video content is by far the biggest perpetrator when it comes to draining your monthly mobile data allowance, however it’s the combination of everything you do your mobile device which adds up to your overall data threshold

The answer is no. Generally, when your phone is connected to your home or any other Wi-Fi network, it will not connect to the 5G, 4G or any type of wireless carrier network. Any data used via Wi-Fi will not count toward your data plan.

A: On paper, unlimited data seems like a great deal. You can use your smartphone as much as you want. Something about the word “unlimited” makes the plan seem more valuable. You’ll never have to worry about exceeding your data caps again.

How much mobile data does the average person use? The average person used 4.5GB of data per month in 2020, according to Ofcom’s Communications Market Report 2021. That’s a 27% increase on the 3.6GB used per month in 2019, which in turn is a 22% increase on the 2.9GB used per month in 2018.

Yes They Can! How Much Depends On What Data Plan You Choose.

Indeed, according to NPD, the average U.S. smartphone user now consumes a total of 31.4 GB of data on a monthly basis (a figure that includes both Wi-Fi and cellular consumption).

SMS text messages use 7-bit characters and have a maximum length of 160 characters, making the maximum data size of each SMS 1120 bits, or 140 bytes. If an average mp3 song from iTunes is 4 MB, a text message is 0.0001335 MB

Long Term Evolution

LTE stands for Long Term Evolution and is sometimes referred to as 4G LTE. It’s a standard for wireless data transmission that allows you to download your favorite music, websites, and video really fast—much faster than you could with the previous technology, 3G. Play vide

With the best unlimited data plans from major carriers ranging in price from $60 to $90 per month, pick the plan that fits in your budget. Also consider what benefits each plan includes with their different tiers of unlimited data

With your 1GB of data, you’ll be able to browse the internet for approximately 12 hours per month, to stream 200 songs online or to watch 2 hours of online video in standard definition. In this article, we’ll discuss what you can do with 1GB of data and how long you can expect your 1GB allowance to last for.

The truth is most people don’t need “unlimited” or unlimited data plans. The average person uses less than 6GB of data per month, which means a lot of people are using far less than that. Of course, you could also be one of the people using far more than 6GB of data

With 5G, networks can move vast amounts of data more efficiently than with 4G LTE. That means: Faster speeds to download movies and shows or video chat on the go.

If we talk about the original LTE, 4G is significantly faster. 4G is significantly faster. LTE offers only 100 Mbps, while true 4G offers up to 1,000 Mbps. However, if we take a look at the LTE-A speeds, the difference disappears as it also offers 1,000 Mbps

For the average user, as stated by Ofcom, 10GB is plenty of data to play with for the month, perfect for keeping yourself entertained and occupied while commuting. Most likely, your phone battery will run out before your data does, so find out how to prolong it to keep using your data whenever you need it.

FAQ Cell Phone Plans

5G and/or 4G LTE access requires a capable device and SIM within an appropriate coverage area. 5G capability included at no extra cost. Actual availability, speed, and coverage may vary.

A collection of wireless mobile phone devices with Bring Your Own Device Plans for SpeedTalkMobile wireless service phone plans

Bring Your Device To SpeedTalk Mobile!


  • Save Money By Keeping Your Device.

  • No Carrier Commitments or Contracts

  • Keep Your Number Or Get A New One.

A mobile phone plan service is one that you pay for upfront when you purchase a SIM Starter Kit or a recharge.
You pay a certain amount of money before you start using the service, which is converted into mobile credit used for:

Making calls

Sending text messages

Using mobile data

The amount of credit available for each usage type above will depend on your phone plan, and the amount you recharge.

The credit will expire after a set amount of time, for example 30 days – this is dependent on your plan that you picked and recharge settings.  This means you can budget your usage accordingly depending on your needs each month instead of paying a recurring monthly subscription fee with a regular cell phone plan. Meet the smarter wireless plan and start saving today!

Mobile phone plan services on the nations largest, and most dependable 5G & 4G LTE networks, without a contract. Plus, receive even greater value when you sign up to one of these monthly unlimited value plans. Perfect for kids, seniors, and the whole family!

Use less? Pay less! SpeedTalk Mobile’s smarter than unlimited, Mobile Phone Plans offer the lowest, most affordable, rates. How you use your phone determines what you pay. If you go beyond your chosen plan level, no worries, mobile cell Phone plans will auto renew with the same plan when any of the allotted service is consumed.! Use your own device – activate any unlocked phone within minutes. Apple iPhone, Android, Windows, any compatible GSM cell phones, or any other compatible devices.

Members must add a valid payment method to their account to continue service after the initial planned month has been used. This product can only be used to cover one planned month of service and cannot be converted to monetary value for purchasing products or services from SpeedTalk Mobile

Mobile Cell Phone Plans allow the freedom and flexibility in the way you use your mobile cell phone. Once your recharge expires, you don’t have to top up immediately, only when you need to use the phone again.

They’re best suited to customers looking for a non-contract option.

Mobile Cell Phone Wireless Plans offer unlimited talk, text and data for a fixed monthly fee. These plans are perfect for individuals who need high-speed data access without worry of exceeding their monthly cap. SpeedTalk is the most competitive subscription wireless service. Renewable mobile phone plans for cell phones, smartwatches, GPS trackers, and more. No contract, No credit checks, and 100% money-back guaranteed.

Coverage You Can Count On

Check the coverage in your area


Our Top Value Plans Lets You Try Out Our Mobile Services At The Lowest Price Possible! The best SpeedTalk Mobile Unlimited Plans listed out just for you.


Flexible wireless plans for everyone. We realize that not all plans are created equal and we each use our wireless devices for different reasons. That is why we offer a wide range of plans to fit anyone's needs.


TRUE PREPAID offers the lowest, most affordable, rates. Whether you choose between Text/Data/Minutes or a combination of all three, it’s just $0.02 per Minute/Text/MMS or MB of Data. If you go beyond your chosen plan level, no worries.

Why Use SpeedTalk Mobile's Cell Phone Plans


You get premium wireless service on the nation’s largest 4G / 5G network, for less than what big wireless companies charge.


Choose the monthly usage amount. That is right! If you are not using it, you can switch to a lower plan at anytime.


Your unlocked device and current phone number are always welcome at SpeedTalk Mobile®


There is never any contracts or commitments. Start and continue service when you want.

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