$22 A Month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Phone Plan With 5GB SIM Card

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Cellular Network5G & 4G LTE

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About this item

  • SpeedTalk Mobile 5G & 4G-LTE Network!
  • Quick and simple set up – Simple Activation, install the SIM card, then dial, surf, or text away!
  • Triple Cut SIM (fits any device). Standard SIM, Micro SIM, and Nano SIM. Just punch out the size you need for your wireless device.
  • You have the option to port-in (keep) your existing phone number or get a new one at no extra charge.
  • NO Credit Checks, NO Hidden Contracts, NO Additional Costs.
  • Our service will work within the UNITED STATES ONLY. Check Coverage Map.

$22 A Month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Phone Plan With 5GB SIM Card

$22.00 A Month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Phone Plan With 5GB

SpeedTalk Mobile’s $22.00 a month top value unlimited talk text with 5GB data plan is perfect for people who are always on the go and need to stay connected. This plan provides unlimited talk and text with no data caps. This plan also includes 5GB Data, which should be enough for most users. Additionally, this plan offers unlimited international calling. This $22 Dollars Unlimited Phone Plan is perfect for people who need to stay connected and have no restrictions.

Device Compatibility

SpeedTalk SIM cards and service plans are compatible with any unlocked 5G/4G LTE GSM smart phones such as, but not limited to:

  • Apple iPhone Series
  • Samsung Galaxy Series
  • Android & iOS Cell Phones
  • T-Mobile Phones, Unlocked AT&T and Verizon Phones (GSM Compatible)
  • Unlocked GSM Smartphones: Huawei, ZTE, Nokia, Alcatel, TCL, RCA, LG, HTC
  • Unlocked GSM Cellphones : Google Pixel, Nexus, Motorola, One Plus
  • Flip Phones
  • Rugged Mobile Phones
  • Any Universal GSM Cellular Phones
  • Any LTE or VOLTE Devices

At SpeedTalk Mobile, we realize that not all plans are created equal and we each use our wireless devices for different reasons. That is why we offer a wide range of plans to fit anyone’s needs. Check out everything our top value SIM cards have to offer (like unlimited data, talk and text) powered by the nations largest 5G 4G LTE network.

The best cheap cell phone plans you can get for $22 a month are the ones that offer unlimited talk, text, and data with 5GB of data at high speeds, and then unlimited 2G data speeds thereafter. SIM cards are also included in the price.

There are a few great cheap cell phone plans you can get for $22 a month. The best one I’ve found is the $22 a month unlimited talk, text, and data phone plan with 5GB data. This plan comes with a data SIM card that gives you unlimited 2G data speed. It’s a great deal for those who need a lot of data.

This is an excellent cell phone plan for just $22 per month. You get unlimited talk, text and data, with 5GB data at high speed, then unlimited 2G data speed after that. The SIM card is also included. This is a great deal when compared to other cell phone plans on the market.

If you’re looking for a cheap and unlimited cell phone plan, the $22 A Month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Phone Plan With 5GB Data Then Unlimited 2G Data Speed Data SIM Card is a great option. For just $22 a month, you get unlimited talk, text, and data, plus 5GB of high-speed data. After you use up your 5GB, you’ll still have unlimited data, but it will be at a slower 2G speed. The plan also comes with a free SIM card.

Assuming you would like a detailed paragraph in an informative tone about the given topic and keywords: The given phone plan is an unlimited talk, text, and data plan with 5GB data, then unlimited 2G data speed data SIM card plan that costs $22 a month. Some features of this phone plan include the unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as the 5GB data allowance, which is more than enough for most users. After the 5GB data allowance, the data speed will be reduced to 2G, but you will still have unlimited data. This is a great phone plan for those who need unlimited talk, text, and data, and don’t mind the reduced data speed after the 5GB data allowance.

$22 A Month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Phone Plan With 5GB SIM Card

We Are A "No Contract" Mobile Wireless Network Provider.

Cancellations can be made anytime by contacting customer support. A valid credit card is required to cover overages in case you exceed the applicable Voice, SMS and Data limits. To avoid overage charges, you should purchase the appropriate plan for your anticipated needs. 

$22 A Month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Phone Plan With 5GB Data Then Unlimited 2G Data Speed Data SIM Card – SpeedTalk Mobile®. 

Included: Free SIM Card with Kit, 30 Days of Unlimited Mins of Nationwide Talk & Unlimited Text SMS, Plus Unlimited 5G / 4G LTE High Speed Data up to 5 GB (Unlimited 2G Speeds Thereafter)

Cellular Network: SpeedTalk Mobile®
Network Type: 5G, 4G LTE, 3G, 2G
Compatibility: Android, Windows, iOS | GPS Trackers
Cost: $22.00 A Month
Durations: 30 Days | 90 Days | 180 Days | 365 Days
Minutes: Unlimited
Texts: Unlimited
High Speed Data: 5 GB
3G Data: Unlimited
2G Data: Unlimited
Hotspot Data: No
International Talk: See International Plans
Triple Cut SIM Card: Yes
WiFi Calling: Yes

55 reviews for $22 A Month Unlimited Talk, Text & Data Phone Plan With 5GB SIM Card

  1. Jack Grimaldi

    Saved me $237 a year with this plan

  2. Katharina


  3. Melodee

  4. Deangelo

    Hi, I do believe this is an excellent site.

  5. Perry


  6. Jaclyn

  7. Alda

  8. Raymundo

  9. Geraldo

  10. Melvina

  11. Freya

  12. Arron

  13. Oscar

    Many people will be benefited from this

  14. Alfonzo

    I came across your website by chance on stumbleupon for this plan.

  15. Randy

  16. Stuart

    from Stuart to speedtalk, it is a five star rating

  17. Adam

    its good.. if you need to just use as a hotspot go ahead, works for me

  18. Mai

  19. Lionel

    5 stars

  20. Lorene

    my first review ever and I just felt that I should share my experience with people who are new here.
    First off, price is amazing. Second, if you ever have a hard time or want to switch your plan, that can be done in an instant. Third, it works ass promised, no delays or anything!

  21. Stacey

    This plan can get me through my day, and I am an office worker, sometimes I have to hotspot myself and this plan has had my
    back in those cases.

  22. Tonya

  23. Johnie

  24. Shani

  25. Melody

    Love that there’s different size options for the SIM card all in one.. Would buy again! Set up was a little confusing but it all worked out easy enough.

  26. Marshall

    I am from Toronto and I come out here to the states twice a year. And Speedtalk makes it easy to get a plan at a low cost and with no contract
    while traveling.

  27. Monique

  28. telegra.ph

    my first good purchase.

  29. Merrill


  30. Ashley

    I had a hard time setting up my card, I see other orders have received the instructions, mine did not.

    I just wish my order came with the instructions, customer service still guided me so I am thankful at the same time.

  31. Walker

    never had any issues, try it out!

  32. Solomon

    I have both my kids on this plan, great!

  33. Alfie

    up and running in less than 10 minutes!

  34. Stepanie

    very good for the price.

  35. Harry

  36. Jill

  37. Kermit

  38. Corrine

    exactly what I needed. Awesome thank you.

  39. Karla

    five stars. good

  40. Lonna

    Install, Activate, then great service provided, glad I switched.

  41. Magda

  42. Abraham

    Great easy service!!! Give it a try!

  43. Dianna


  44. Freddie

    I liked this plan, but if your looking to use a little more internet definitely upgrade cause I did.

  45. Collette

    Truly impressed by their plans.

  46. Clifford

    I got my sim card next day delivery. Impressive!

  47. Magdalena

    I have the iPhone 11 and I am thankful that they do support this edition. They actually go pretty far back! 5 stars from me

  48. Audry

    Impressed at how fast there customer service helps you out if you have any issues.

  49. Katharina

    No issues so far. Good plan

  50. Inez

    It’s good I don’t see difficulties using this.

  51. Hanna

    Cheap sim and easy set up. What can be better than that!?

  52. Elvera

  53. Thomas

    I didn’t know what to expect about this sim card but I needed one for my mom that’s visiting and it worked perfect. No subscription, you pay what you expect to use and that’s it. Love it! Highly recommend!

  54. Jonelle

    I was able to activate with no help!Awesome

  55. Dollie

    4 stars for speedtalk’s tech support, they have helped me when i had connectivity issue, but they got on the issue and solved it within 15 minutes!.

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Terms and Conditions

By purchasing this item and following activation, you will receive wireless service from SpeedTalk Mobile.

SpeedTalk offers its services through subscription plans which auto-renew every 30 days. Service begins as soon as you activate your service. You’ll be charged the rate stated at the time of purchase, every month, until you cancel. There is No Contract, Cancellations can be made any time by contacting customer support. A valid credit card is required to cover overages in case you exceed the applicable Voice, SMS and Data limits. To avoid overage charges, you should purchase the appropriate plan for your anticipated needs.

In this offering, you will receive a SIM card and an instructional flyer. This plan can be activated once on the Nation fastest growing wireless networks on which SpeedTalk provides service to as long as the device is compatible with that network. Bring your own 5G compatible device to our Nationwide 5G and use 5G network for Free.

SpeedTalk utilizes the best network in America for talk, text and data service. Please review the coverage map recommended for this plan to ensure that you reside in an area where service is provided on your device. You likely do, but you will want to verify.

When you are running low on your credits, a notification message and an email will be sent to you. You will also receive a notification that your service will expire on the last day of your service term. You will be notified to refill your account with additional service(s) should you exhaust any monthly allotment for either voice or text, or when your service term expires.

You must utilize a compatible device in order to use SpeedTalk Mobile. Any device that is currently active under a contract, has been suspended for non-payment, or reported lost or stolen may be ineligible for use with this service. Additional exclusions may apply.

Please note that these plans do not include any rollover. Any unused plan minutes, text or data that you do not use by the end of your monthly cycle will not roll over into the next one.

We do not ship items outside of the USA or to Freight Forwarders. Service plans that are sold to Freight Forwarders will be cancelled and refunded

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