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SIM Card Registration Check – Online Biometric SIM Cards

Bangladesh has adopted the Biometric SIM card registration method as a measure for minimizing criminal activities using unidentified and fake SIM cards. However, more than one SIM card can be registered under one NID number. Individuals can be worried about whether his/her SIM card was registered or not. This article will introduce how to do a SIM card registration check. Let’s explore the different options.

Biometric SIM Card Registration Check Online (GP, Robi, Airtel)

The biometric SIM card registration technique has been introduced by Bangladesh as a way to reduce criminal activity using unregistered and fraudulent SIM cards. One NID number, however, can register many SIM cards. People may worry about whether or not their SIM card was registered. In this post, we’ll go through how to check a SIM card’s registration. Let’s investigate the many possibilities.

One name or NID number may be used to register up to 15 SIM cards in accordance with Bangladeshi government policy. Therefore, you must carefully use the many SIM card registration benefits.

Each of the current public and commercial telecom carriers has developed a technique to register SIM cards for certain NID numbers. The procedures for each operator are as follows:

All operators check SIM card registration using the same code. A pop-up will show on the screen once you dial *16001#. Enter the NID’s final four digits. Once you hit enter, a message displaying a list of the registered phone numbers for the NID will appear.

Biometric SIM registration has been introduced to prevent people from committing fraudulent activities and help track the users in case of emergencies. You should perform a SIM card registration check on a regular basis to see if any unknown phone numbers registered under your name. Always be extra careful regarding your IT possessions and stay safe.



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